WinSCP Not Showing .htaccess Files

  • I've recently installed WinSCP, I was using Filezilla but I've read somewhere that Filezilla it's not a good FTP Client, and also read that WinSCP is a better one.

    But now that I logged in I realized that there's a problem, I can't see the .htaccess files

    There's probably a setting to show/hide dot files.

  • Chun

    Chun Correct answer

    6 years ago

    Do you have "Show Hidden Files" option enabled?

    By default WinSCP comes with the option "Show Hidden Files" set to true.
    but sometimes it comes with this option disabled. To activate this option in order to see hidden files, press: Ctrl+Alt+H

    or you can also activate this option by going to:

    preferences => Panels => Show hidden files

    In the preferences window, click on "Panels" situated on the left menu.

    And then on the right side check or uncheck the "Show Hidden Files" box to show or hide the files.


    God.. CTRL+ALT+H is work .... Thanks! My WinScp different is beta (not windows)

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