Installing a .deb package on Arch - Is it possible?

  • The problem is simple - I have a .deb package and I want to install it on my Arch Linux. Is this possible? If yes, how?

    Note that .deb files are just archives that can be uncompressed on any system. Depending on how complex the installation process is, that might be enough to "install" it.

  • jasonwryan

    jasonwryan Correct answer

    7 years ago

    Is it possible? Yes. Is it a good idea? That depends. You would only really need to do this if the application only exists as a .deb package. It is much more likely that you can just grab the upstream source and write a simple PKGBUILD to install it with pacman.

    You should also search the AUR to ensure that someone hasn't done this already.

    Note, that even if a source package is not provided (or easily accessible), `.deb` files are easily extracted with `libarchive`. And, `makepkg` uses `bsdtar` (which uses `libarchive`) by default to extract sources in a `PKGBUILD`. The result of this dependency chain is that you can easily write `PKGBUILD`s that make use of `.deb` archives as source files. :D

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