How to install apt-get or YUM on Mac OS X

  • I want to use either of apt-get or yum.

    How to install them and make them successful running?

    Why do you want to install them? What software do you want to install that you expect to find as .deb or .rpm files which will work on an OS X install?

    Both utilities are too Linux-specific (and/or too Fedora/Debian-specific) so they won't work on OSX without serious effort on your part,so Michael's question stands: what exactly is it you want to do?

    obviously OP is asking about the equivalent -- seriously...

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    7 years ago

    If you want the equivalent to apt-get or yum on Mac OS X, you have two choices.

    1. Homebrew:
    2. Macports:

    You can use brew install PACKAGE_NAME or port install PACKAGE_NAME to install the package available.

    There are guides on how to run Hombrew side-by-side with Macports or Fink, but it is generally recommended to choose one and stick with it. Homebrew is pretty much the standard these days. There is only a single instance I can recall personally, where a package I needed was available via Macports and not Homebrew, and that was an X11-based GUI browser -- Firefox, I believe, which would have been really nice to browse with over SSH in some specific localhost scenario I was working with at the time. It's just a personal preference thing, mostly. Homebrew is the best and most user-friendly, IMHO.

    what is the exact syntax to install apt-get ? brew install apt-get gives "Error: No available formula with the name "apt-get"

    @Daniele idea here is brew install would be the equivalent of apt-get and not use apt-get through brew.

    @rubynorails you mentioned guides for installing homebrew side-by-side with Fink. Can you link me to one? I'm having trouble locating one

    @kraftydevil It has been 4 years since I posted this, and `brew` has become pretty much the standard as far as package managers go for MacOS. However, if you know how both package managers work and where all of the files live, I believe it should still be possible.

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