Transfer files using scp: permission denied

  • I try to transfer files from remote computer using ssh to my computer :

    scp My_file.txt [email protected]:/Home

    This should put My_file.txt in the home folder on my own computer, right? I get

    scp/Home: permission denied

    Also when I try: [email protected]:/Desktop, in order to copy the files from the remote computer to my desktop.

    What am I doing wrong?

    If you want to copy the file to the home folder of 'user_id' use `scp My_file.txt [email protected]:` It copies to the users home folder.

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    binfalse Correct answer

    8 years ago

    Your commands are trying to put the new Document to the root (/) of your machine. What you want to do is to transfer them to your home directory (since you have no permissions to write to /). If path to your home is something like /home/erez try the following:

    scp My_file.txt [email protected]:/home/erez/

    You can substitute the path to your home directory with the shortcut ~/, so the following will have the same effect:

    scp My_file.txt [email protected]:~/

    You can even leave out the path altogether on the remote side; this means your home directory.

    scp My_file.txt [email protected]:

    That is, to copy the file to your desktop you might want to transfer it to /home/erez/Desktop/:

    scp My_file.txt [email protected]:/home/erez/Desktop/

    or using the shortcut:

    scp My_file.txt [email protected]:~/Desktop/

    or using a relative path on the remote side, which is interpreted relative to your home directory:

    scp My_file.txt [email protected]:Desktop/


    As @ckhan already mentioned, you also have to swap the arguments, it has to be

    scp FROM TO

    So if you want to copy the file My_file.txt from the server [email protected] to your desktop you should try the following:

    scp [email protected]:/path/to/My_file.txt ~/Desktop/

    If the file My_file.txt is located in your home directory on the server you may again use the shortcut:

    scp [email protected]:~/My_file.txt ~/Desktop/

    - I've tried: "~/" for 'Home' now, and also "~/Desktop/. Both resulted in : My_file.txt 100% 0 0.0 KB/s 00:00, and I cannot see the files in my folders. What am I still doing wrong ? Thanks a lot!

    On your second command example, the `~` should be protected from evaluation so as to be evaluated on the remote host: `\~` for example.

    In order to thank you, i registered to the website. Thanks you saved my day:)

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