Can I connect to Windows machine from Linux shell?

  • I can connect to Linux machines from Windows using PuTTY/SSH. I want to do the other way round - connect to a Windows machine from Linux.

    Is this possible?

    See answer below: OpenSSH is now supported natively by the latest update of Windows10. However, its not available for older versions. Please update your Windows10 before trying this.

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    It depends on how you want to connect. You can create shares on the Windows machine and use smb/cifs to connect to the share.

    The syntax would depend based on if you are in a domain or not.

    # mount -t cifs //server/share /mnt/server --verbose -o user=UserName,dom=DOMAIN

    You also have the ability to mount the $IPC and administrative shares. You can look into Inter-Process Communication for what you can do via the $IPC share.

    There is always:

    • RDP
    • VNC
    • telnet
    • ssh
    • Linux on Windows

    With the last 3 you need to install additional software.

    VNC can be run from a stand-alone binary or installed.

    For RDP most Linux systems either already have rdesktop installed or it is available in the package manager. Using rdesktop you only have to enable RDP connections to your Windows system and then you will be able to use RDP for a full GUI Windows console.

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