What to do when a Linux desktop freezes?

  • I'm a Windows guy, dual booted recently, and now I'm using Linux Mint 12

    When a Windows desktop freezes I refresh, or if I am using a program I use alt + F4 to exit the program or I can use ctrl + alt + delete and this command will allow me to fix the Windows desktop by seeing what program is not responding and so on.

    Mint freezes fewer times than my XP, but when it does, I don't know what to do, I just shut down the pc and restart it.

    So is there a command to fix Linux when it freezes?

  • Mathieu

    Mathieu Correct answer

    9 years ago

    You can try Ctrl+Alt+* to kill the front process (Screen locking programs on Xorg 1.11) or Ctrl+Alt+F1 to open a terminal, launch a command like ps, top, or htop to see running processes and launch kill on not responding process.

    Note: if not installed, install htop with sudo apt-get install htop.

    Also, once done in your Ctrl+Alt+F1 virtual console, return to the desktop with Ctrl+Alt+F7.

    For a windows guy and a beginner in Linux, I would recommend installing `htop` instead of `top` as it is easier to operate.

    Wasn't the **kill foreground process under pointer** key combination Ctrl + Alt + Esc, or did that change? (And why do my key buttons not show correct formatting?)

    Which asterisk should in use for Ctrl+Alt+*? The one on the numeric keypad or in the alpha block? In the latter case, what would I press on non-US keyboards?

    See the Command Line answer here too (http://askubuntu.com/a/19873/327339). Use `k` to kill a selected process, followed by default option `15` to kill it nicely, or `9` to kill it right away.

    Only the asterisk on numeric keypad should work, @user149408. The linked thread in oss-sec mailing list suggest that.

    On Mint I have to press crtl+alt+f8 to return back to the gui

    I don't seen anyone mentioning this but what you can also do is restart the lightdm service. So switch to virtual console CTRL+ALT+F1 and type "sudo service lightdm stop" and then "sudo service lightdm restart". This will essentially log you out and then you can log back in.

    My console opens with Ctrl+Alt+F3 not F1 . I'm using fedora workstation 28

    None of those worked for me. I can only use the server via SSH. The local console is absolutely unresponsive (mouse, keyboard and monitor all frozen).

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