How can I check if swap is active from the command line?

  • How can I check if swap is active, and which swap devices are set up, on the command line?

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    9 years ago

    in linux, you can use

    • cat /proc/meminfo to see total swap, and free swap (all linux)
    • cat /proc/swaps to see which swap devices are being used (all linux)
    • swapon -s to see swap devices and sizes (where swapon is installed)
    • vmstat for current virtual memory statistics

    in Mac OS X, you can use

    • vm_stat to see information about virtual memory (swap)
    • ls -lh /private/var/vm/swapfile* to see how many swap files are being used.

    in Solaris, you can use

    • swap -l to see swap devices/files, and their sizes
    • swap -s to see total swap size, used & free
    • vmstat to see virtual memory statistics

    On some systems, "virtual memory" refers only to disk-backed memory devices, and on other systems, like Solaris, Virtual Memory can refer to any user process address space, including tmpfs filesystems (like /tmp) and shared memory space.

    Also, `free` should tell you how much swap is available to your system.

    `cat /proc/meminfo` should be `cat /proc/meminfo | grep Swap`

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