How to make putty to not break my session after some time?

  • Each time putty is closing the session after some time if it is idle.

    There is no time parameter on putty, so how can I keep my putty ssh session always Alive?

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    9 years ago

    Another thing to check is if your system is setting the environment variable TMOUT. To check this you can just do:

    env | grep TMOUT


    echo $TMOUT

    If it is set, you could change it or unset it. To change the value:

    export TMOUT=3600

    Where the number is the number of seconds until you get logged out. Otherwise unset it to turn off the feature:

    unset TMOUT

    Note, it may be that your system administrator has set this for security reasons. So if you are not the system administrator you may want to check this before changing anything yourself.

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