Nslookup: command not found error on RHEL/CentOS 7

  • During linux installation I selected "minimal" option:

    enter image description here

    When I went to run the nslookup command to look up an IP address I got the error message nslookup: command not found as shown in the example below.

    $ nslookup www.google.com
    bash: nslookup: command not found

    Have you tried installing the `bind-utils` package, which includes the `nslookup` binary?

  • Steven D

    Steven D Correct answer

    6 years ago

    The minimal install likely did not come with the bind-utils package, which I believe contains nslookup.

    You can install bind-utils with:

    sudo yum install bind-utils

    In general, you can search for what package provides a command using the yum provides command:

    sudo yum provides '*bin/nslookup'

    Or if you don't know where the command should live, `*/nslookup`.

    I get `package bind-utils not found`

    @Black If you are using `ubuntu`, use `apt-get install dnsutils -y` instead.

    Also for Arch `dnsutils`

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