A way to match on text using CSS locators

  • So I use xpath locators and slowly converting to CSS.
    I haven't found a way to do an exact match based on text.

    For example converting //a[text()='Log Out'].

    I know you can do css=a:contains('Log Out') but I want to match exactly to the text. Also I know I can do link=Log Out but looking for a solution with CSS.

  • Hannibal

    Hannibal Correct answer

    9 years ago
    css=a[text='Log Out'] or a[innertext='Log Out']

    Can you please try this one out?

    Or if that doesn't work and you still don't want to use xpath because it's slow, you can always try: link=Log Out. That's still better then xpath.


    So i found a possible solution for you mate. If you are trying to find an exact String you could always use Regular expression like this:


    Just replace div with a and there you go. This will find ONLY AB in whatever text div it looks for. OFC if you have more then one links with text AB (which is a bad thing :P ) then it will find them all..

    Try this and see if it helps. :)

    Neither of those work unfortunately. I know I can use link=Log Out but just seeing if there was a solution in CSS.

    Sorry to hear that :( Unfortunately I don't think CSS has match exact param. But I might be mistaken. Hope you find an answer soon mate. :) Cheers.

    Sorry, I made a mistake... please find edited answer... hope THAT helps. :)

    Wow, that worked! I really didn't think it would. Nice job proving me wrong.

    Awesome! :) Glad to hear that. And glad i could help. Cheers! :)

    I tried both single quote /double quote around the search text but don't get it working. Did I miss something :-/ I was using Selenium IDE to test my locator

    Ooh... Yeah.. This probably only works when using the RC. I don't know 'bout the IDE. It doesn't have much of the support of programming languages. :(

    :contains() is not part of the current CSS3 specification so it will not work on all browsers, only ones that implemented it before it was pulled. (see http://www.w3.org/TR/css3-selectors)

    aww. so there is no contains now is that right? ugh.

    The relevant section of the spec is here: Blank. I haven't found any way in CSS to select by element inner text. When I need to do this, I either use XPath, or I select a group of elements by CSS and then filter by the contained text (which is slower, however).

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