Does having Master's degree in Computer Science help your career?

  • I am curious about experiences of programmers who have gone beyond college or university and now work in the industry. I am not talking about academia (you need PhD there anyway). Do you have a Master's degree? Has it helped your career? Are there any other benefits besides the knowledge one gains while pursuing the degree?

    There's no good answer to this, there are way too many variables: your career goas, your skills, where you live, what industry you work on, the size of the company, the tools you use, etc. etc.

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    10 years ago

    Yes it does. It helps a lot in getting your resume shortlisted by the HR who have no idea what programming is all about.

    Well, maybe at a large slow moving corporation, but at a smaller Start-Up / Technology Company, the hiring manager is generally part of the technical team (they usually wear multiple hats) They'll be reviewing the apps submitted, and they're most likely going to look at work experience first.

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