How to find out the IP address of email sender in Gmail

  • Gmail doesn't give the IP address of the sender in its mail headers for security reasons. I'd like to know whether there is some other way of getting the IP address of the sender.

    Since Gmail specifies the IP address of its email relay server, which the sender first contacts, is there any way of querying the relay server to get the IP address of the sender by specifying the unique Message-ID of that email? If so, please explain how is it done. And if not, is there any other method of getting the IP address?

    It's really easy: just file a lawsuit against Google and get a court order. But hurry, they don't keep their logs forever.

    NOw here's an all-important question: Why do you want to get the source IP?

    @Evil Phoenix - The answer is very obvious..if people send you abusive emails, you will want to find who the hell they are..

    Tommy-Carlier insists on the answer opposite to the one by @Hendrik-Brummermann Though I do not see any IPs thru Gmail webinterface but whould like to understand how Hendrik-Brummermann could

    @Rushil "_The answer is very obvious.._" No it is not. "_you will want to find who the hell they are.._" You know that: they are the owners of these Gmail accounts.

    It's not that much of a waste of time, no. In my case, I'm receiveing abusive messages elsewhere, I suspect of someone, sent this person an e-mail which he responded - I wanted to compare the two IP addresses to see if they were from the same person. Not to necessarily track the IP location down. It's truly a pity that Gmail won't allow it.

    But it still may not tell you anything. For example, some ISPs will make all email go via a proxy, so all messages from that ISP will have the same IP. Many ISPs recycle IP addresses, so each time you conect, you get a different IP address.

  • There is no technical way to get the ip-address of someone sending an email via the gmail web interface. Google does not put it into the email headers. And there is no API to query gmail for it.

    If you really need that IP address for valid reasons, you need to get a court order.

    Translation: "legal way" = "court order".

    @Iszi, thank you, it was indeed a mistranslation from my native language.

    @Iszi, this is not correct. At least, in the US, by US Patriot Act, Email can be scrutinized without "court order" or search warrant (signed by a judge) with administrative subpoena only. If I understood English correctly in

    @WebMAOhist They may scrutinize the e-mail indeed but, as has already been stated here, the e-mail will not have enough information on its own to find the originating IP address. Regardless, the point here is that the "legal way" to go about this will involve bringing in some form of government authority - you can't do it on your own.

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