Why was Bruce Banner named David Banner in the old TV show?

  • In the old TV show Dr. Banner's first name was David rather than Bruce. Was there any reason for this name change, or is this just something the series did?

    Technically he was David Bruce Banner. From what I've read, the unofficial reason was that the name "Bruce" was considered to have too many homosexual connotations for the comfort of TV execs.

    @Valorum Why in the world was Bruce considered a "homosexual name"?

    @RobertF - I've seen it discussed elsewhere. I think there were some effeminate "Bruce" characters on US TV

  • So Sean isn't wrong, the retconned version of Why was Bruce Banner named David Banner in the old late 70's early 80's television series? is Bruce Banner was too alliterative and considered a comic book thing but as I recalled creator Stan Lee mentioning something very different in the 1988 documentary Comic Book Confidential I looked around.

    Here's a video in which Stan 'The Man' Lee give us the straight dope: What's in a name?.

    As you can see Stan totally admits that the Network considered the name "Bruce" was too gay for them. But, as mentioned, Stan got the name 'Bruce' into the series on Banner's gravestone.

    enter image description here

    +1 great find on the interview. Maybe consider adding a transcription, just in case the link dies?

    Given recent developments it is deliciously ironic that Stan used Bruce Jenner as his main point against changing the name.

    Yeah... Bruce sounded to gay to the network, but I remember the pilot and that kid that liked to be called "BJ"... come on! People are so silly :P

    Was Batman not on TV at the time? Or did they feel the camp style of Adam West made it a lost cause?

    Well the studio guys were not too far off with Bruce Jenner, LOL

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