What was the original intended order of the episodes of Firefly?

  • I know the Firefly episodes were originally aired out of the order that Joss Whedon intended, and that many fans think this contributed to the show's early cancellation. Looking at Firefly on Netflix, I don't see an original air date for any of the episodes.

    1. Serenity
    2. The Train Job
    3. Bushwhacked
    4. Shindig
    5. Safe
    6. Our Mrs. Reynolds
    7. Jaynestown
    8. Out of Gas
    9. Ariel
    10. War Stories
    11. Trash
    12. The Message
    13. Heart of Gold
    14. Objects in Space

    Is this list in order by air date, or is this the order the show's creator intended they be viewed?

    And if you can't order them yourself... if you can't even do that... then you find someone to order them.

    I just learned (from the DVD commentary) that The Train Job was written with them knowing it would be the first episode to air. So technically The Train Job was also intended to be the "pilot".

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    That list matches the Wikipedia listing, which claims to be the originally intended order. Having seen them in that order myself, I can say it does make much more sense than the aired order would have.

    I didn't realize there was also a 6 month break before the last few episodes aired.

    Yep, it was cancelled with 3 episodes unaired, and those weren't aired at all in the USA before 2005. Unsure what country aired episodess 11-13 first, but it was probably Canada.

    In my experience, the order in which episodes air is not to be trusted. In the third and final season of seaQuest, for example, a major character dies in one episode and is magically alive again in a later one. NBC couldn't be bothered to air the episodes in order for some reason (probably because the show had been cancelled).

    Don't recall that about seaQuest, but then again I don't remember if I even watched to the end. Not surprising though - aired order doesn't always fit, especially when a show is on the way out.

    Why are the production-codes out of order on that list?

    Production codes are for internal accounting. They may have something to do with the order they were filmed, produced, ordered, written, etc - not something the public is generally privy too.

    So basically what happened was they were intending for Serenity to be the first episode, even filmed it IIRC. Then the good folks of Fox decided "Hey westerns = train stories" and forced them to air that one first. However Serenity is and was always intended to be, the first episode of the series. (From the DVD commentary)

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