How can Professor Xavier be alive?

  • In X-Men 3:The Last Stand, we see that Professor Charles Xavier died and Jean Grey killed him, and his body turned into pieces.

    But in X-Men: Days of Future Past he's alive and well.

    I'm pretty surprised that nobody asked about this before. Maybe the answer is too obvious and I'm missing something in the previous movie. I'm not following the comic, so I don't know that maybe this movie is set in an alternate universe.

    ADDITION: in the extra scene after the credits in X-Men 3: The Last Stand we see that Xavier has transferred his consciousness to the other body. But his own body already destroyed, so how can he regain his original body?

    It is my fond hope that some young X-Person will ask old Xavier this in the forthcoming *X-Men: Apocalypse#X-Men:_Apocalypse_.282016.29)*, so that we can hear the rich, authoritative voice of Patrick Stewart utter the immortal words “wibbley-wobbley timey-wimey”.

    @phantom42 I never saw the extra scene but it didn't say how he regain his body

    Well, your question was about how he survived - which the answers on the other question covered. If you want to focus on his recovery/return, you should edit your question.

    @student080705639 In answer to your Additional - It is the comatosed body of Charles Xaviers identical twin that he transfers his consciousness into - but that is irrelevant if my theory posted below holds true.

    @DrRDizzle he has a twin?? and where is his twin now? is he dead or is he live with Xavier?

    @student080705639 That's the thing, in the X-Men: The Last Stand universe, Charles Xaviers body was destroyed, so he transferred his consciousness into his comatosed (presumably brain dead) twins body, meaning that the other twin no longer exists as Charles is inhabiting his body - so he is theoretically "dead".

    There was nothing stating that was his twin brother... Unless I missed something... We all know that Xavier is a psychic so he could be projecting his likeness to anybody's consciousness instead of looking like the original guy's body.

    @student080705639 -And all other movie patrons- ATTENTION!!!, always finish watching the film which you paid good money to see. Leave the theater when the lights come on, not before. Zingers, as these nuggets of plot are known, can appear at any time during credits and have for a long time. I first saw one at the end of "Apocalypse Now".

    @DoctorWho22 I heard secondhand that the 'twin brother who Xavier has taken over' detail comes from a DVD commentary.

    Of course, Jean turned Xavier’s body to pieces using telepathy. So why couldn’t he put his body back together again using telepathy? He’s a pretty powerful telepath.

    I hope it doesn't turn out to be a dream

    The answer is simple - GREED - Hollywood milking their movie franchise for money, at least all the Rocky movies made some sense !

  • Dr R Dizzle

    Dr R Dizzle Correct answer

    6 years ago

    At the end of X-Men: The Last Stand, we see the comatosed, brain dead twin of Charles Xavier talking in Patrick Stewarts voice, implying that he somehow transferred his consciousness into his twins body, which is one theory. for how Charles Xavier is alive in the dark timeline of Days of Future Past.

    However, I have a (currently unprovable, thanks to lack of further films to fill in the gaps) theory about the relationship between Days of Future Past and the original X-Men films, including the two Wolverine spin offs.

    There is no implicit link between the dark future timeline in Days of Future Past and the original trilogy and Wolverine spin offs other than the characters and the actors who portray them. People are assuming that the events of the dark future timeline shown in Days of Future Past are part of the same universe as the original trilogy and the Wolverine spin offs, despite a massive amount of evidence in the form of plot inconsistencies and continuity issues that this is not true.

    I would go so far as to state that First Class and Days Of Future Past are a part of one X Men Universe, and that the original trilogy and the Wolverine spin offs are part of a seperate, now redundant universe. This would explain why Mystique and Professor X never acknowedged one another in the original trilogy, or that Bolivar Trask is a large, alive black man in X-Men: The Last Stand but a small, dead white man in the dark timeline of Days of Future Past, which people are assuming is the sequel to X-Men: The Last Stand. It explains away how Magneto would have ever escaped from prison after seemingly assassinating JFK to go on to be the bad guy of the original trilogy without Wolverine having gone into the past to set him free in the first place, as in the original trilogy we can just assume that was never implicated in the assassination of JFK.

    Personally, I find it easier to think of the orignal trilogy and the Wolverine spin offs as another, entirely seperate universe that has no canonical impact on the new universe that was created with First Class and continued with Days of Future Past.

    how do we know that he is a dead twin of Xavier?

    I think there is some merit to this theory, similar to how both the original (or *true* depending on your level of fandom) timeline of Star Trek and the Abramsverse reboot.

    However, I think the post credits scene from **The Wolverine** would link it to DOFP, so perhaps that movie exists in the dark timeline and X-Men Origins:Wolverine (shudder) is apart of the original trilogy.

    @Monty129 I would agree with you about The Wolverine if it wasn't linked to X-Men: The Last Stand (with Jean Greys death at the hands of Wolverine after the Phoenix Fiasco). I realise that the post credits scene seems to indicate Xavier and Magneto approaching Wolverine for help regarding the Sentinel program, but that occurs around 7 years before the events of Days of Future Past, and Trask Industries should have been active since the 70's, with the original Sentinel program going live at some point in that time. So it is easier to put The Wolverine in the original universe, not the new one.

    @student080705639 In the directors commentary for the X-Men: The Last Stand DVD it is revealed that the man that Charles transferred his consciousness to was really his identical twin brother, whose mind had been destroyed at birth when Charles power's manifested. (Although this itself is another continuity error, as previous films have established that powers develop at puberty, not birth.)

    I have not seen DOFP. But from what I have seen in the trailers, etc. there is some time travel happening. So it could be possible, that the actions in the past changed the outcome in present. The timeline 'simply' split.

    @jnovacho I have seen Days of Future Past, but the timelines split in 1973, but there are still continuity issues between First Class/Days of Future Past and the original trilogy/Wolverine spin offs before that time and what we know about both timelines presented in Days of Future Past. It really is better to look at First Class and Days of Future Past as a new universe, similar to how the Amazing Spiderman 1 and 2 are not part of the same universe as Spiderman , 2 and 3.

    @DrRDizzle Why is the twin (as seen in DoFP, as you propose) also paraplegic?

    "There is no implicit link between the dark future timeline in Days of Future Past and the original trilogy" -- wrong. We see Wolverine flashback to events in the 200X trilogy, implying that Future-Wolverine is from the same timeline as the trilogy and thus all other Future characters, too, including Xavier. (The movie spawns a new timeline, obviously, but that's not of import here.)

    @Raphael I am not proposing that the twin is in DOFP as I believe that the events of X-Men: The Last Stand did not occur in the same universe as the events in DOFP. As for Wolerines flashbacks - just because similar events happened in one universe to events in another (specifically, Wolverine gaining adamantium claws from William Stryker) doesn't mean that they are part of the same universe - see Uncle Ben's death in both Spiderman and the Amazing Spiderman.

    I just wanted to state that the person named Trask in the X-Men 3 is only loosely based on Bolivar Trask it's NOT the same person.

    This is also evidenced by looking at the cast info for X-Men Last Stand, as the black man is only credited as Trask and does not have a first name in the IMDB.

    Even if you decide that the Trask in X-Men: The Last Stand is a distant relative or not at all related to Bolivar from DOFP, there are still so many continuity errors between First Class/Days of Future Past and th oroginal trilogy/Wolverine spin offs then it is just easier to classify them as seperate universes until a film proves otherwise, which I hope does not happen. This is all just my head cannon at the moment, but it is feasible as canon.

    Not really considering that Wolverine in the movie has memories of the "other universe events"... If they were two completely different universes there would not be flashbacks in Days of Future Past of Wolverine remembering killing Jean in X-3... In which Xavier says "You poor poor man"

    @DoctorWho22 I'd forgot about that, but it could still be similar events in an alternative universe. By excluding the original trilogy and the spin offs, continuity errors in the dark timeline disappear completely, allowing for a more straightforward set of timelines. It's preferable for someone who cares about continuity (me).

    I just feel like this is kind of like back to the future where is one continuity as long as things aren't changed.... Original Trilogy and spin offs lead to dark reality in the future, so they decide to send somebody back in time to change it. Future wolverine's mind is in past wolverine's body as long as wolverine doesn't change the fact that Mystique kills trask the dark future timeline still exists... As soon as she doesn't that timeline is gone and replaced with the new one. Pretty much the picture I added depicts it right side is old continuity.

    @DoctorWho22 I agree with you that the official timeline is that the original trilogies and the spin offs did actually happen as part of the darker timeline. My arguement is that due to continuity errors, from a fan perspective it is easier for me to pretend that it is a new universe, and some of the events in the unseen dark timeline are similar to key moments in the original trilogy. Consider it a fan theory, like Zion being another level of the Matrix rather than reality.

    Same universe, just different timelines. The movie timelines are almost as confusing (if not more) than the comic timelines.

    This is the better written explanation, but the other answer has a graph that makes life easier for a lot of people having issues here.

    @DrRDizzle "this itself is another continuity error, as previous films have established that powers develop at puberty, not birth" There's a lot of those, then, given that Jean Grey's powers manifested way before she reached her puberty.

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