How/Why did Wonder Woman gain the ability to fly?

  • From what I remember, Wonder Woman couldn't fly, but now that I think about it, I watch Justice League the animated series and she does have the amazing ability of flight.

    A little research showed that Hermes granted her flight, but I couldn't find the circumstances or why she was given flight later (or when for that matter).

    I always just figured her invisible jet was too ridiculous for the current times, and posed way too many questions.

    Flying *people*, of course, pose few questions by comparison. ;)

    I miss the invisible jet :( . I grew up watching the really cheezy justice league on cartoon network.

    From the movie, I assumed she learned to fly when she realized she could (or forgot she couldn't). Like I do in dreams. Like Douglas Adams instructed in H2G2.

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    In the Golden Age (from the early forties to the late fifties/early sixties), the character couldn't fly at all.

    In the Silver Age (late fifties/early sixties to the early eighties), Diana gained the ability to glide on air currents starting in Wonder Woman (vol 1) issue #98, May 1958.

    Post-Crisis on Infinite Earths (in 1985), Wonder Woman's origin has been rebooted, and she could fly freely from the start. Hippolyta made a baby out of clay and the goddesses (plus Hermes, for some reason) granted Diana beauty, power, strength, speed and flight.

    In 2011, DC Comics' entire line of publications was relaunched, and Wonder Woman's origins have been rebooted again. This time she was a demigoddess, daughter of Hippolyta and Zeus, and was also gifted the ability to fly by Hermes. In this case Hermes scratched her with one of his feathers as Wonder Woman was trying to save Zola who was falling to her death.

    What does Post-Crisis mean?

    In 1985, the Crisis on Infinite Earths series caused a reboot on the chronology (more or less like the one that DC made this month). Some origins and first adventures were revamped. Wonder Woman was one of these. Her post-Crisis origin was shown in Gods and Mortals, by George Pérez:

    She first demonstrated the power to "glide on air currents" in the Silver Age, specifically in Wonder Woman (vol 1) issue #98, May 1958, generally regarded as the first appearance of the Silver Age Wonder Woman. In the Golden Age, she was never seen exhibiting such a power, but in later appearances the "Earth-2" Wonder Woman, meant to be the original Golden Age character, did have it. Every time her origin was rebooted since then (which mainly means "Crisis on Infinite Earths" and now the "New 52") she's had basically the same flight power as Superman.

    @MarkReed thanks for the clarification! I will edit this information into my answer

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