In what order should I watch the various Stargate TV Series?

  • I am unfamiliar with the (multiple) Stargate shows and films, other than the movie which I saw a while ago. I want to try watching the series to see if it is something that I like.

    What are the non-subjective facts about the series (without spoilers) that I should be aware of when figuring out which series to start with, for example the original airing order of the series, chronological order of the series, frequency of references to a series other than the one that I'm watching, etc.

    Oh I wish I could forget all the episodes and start again :/ You're very lucky :)

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    9 years ago

    We recently finished watching each TV series and movies of Stargate. We used Hixie's Stargate Canonical Viewing Order list in order to keep references consistent. We feel it worked incredibly well.

    The raw episode + movie order provided is as follows:

    Stargate movie
    Stargate SG-1, episodes 1.1 to 8.2
    Stargate Atlantis, episodes 1.1 to 1.15
    Stargate SG-1, episodes 8.3 to 8.20
    Stargate Atlantis, episodes 1.16 to 2.1
    Stargate SG-1, episodes 9.1 to 10.2
    Stargate Atlantis, episodes 2.2 to 3.4
    Stargate SG-1, episodes 10.3 to 10.12
    Stargate Atlantis, episodes 3.5 to 3.19
    Stargate SG-1, episodes 10.13 to 10.20
    Stargate: The Ark of Truth
    Stargate Atlantis, episodes 3.20 to 5.1
    Stargate: Continuum
    Stargate Atlantis, episodes 5.2 onwards.

    It seems that this was written before SG:U's debut. Considering that we've completed this series as well, I would say that you will be perfectly fine watching Atlantis to completion, and then begin Stargate Universe.

    A few additional notes that Ian Hickson lists are things like;

    • Fast forwarding through/muting the "Previously On" segments at the start of many episodes.
    • Close your eyes during opening credits sequences, as they can spoil new footage and situations (especially in SG-1 Season 10...). Just wait until the theme music ends then reopen your eyes.
    • If you have the DVDs, avoid listening to any staff commentary really until after you watch everything.

    We followed these instructions explicitly and the episode order felt amazingly consistent with regard to shared series' references.

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