Who was "The Chosen One": Luke or Anakin?

  • Most would say that Luke is because he is the focus of the first movies (4-6), but Qui-gon said Anakin was "The Chosen One".

    Who was the real "Chosen One"?

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    I think that episodes 4-6 still focus on developing Darth Vader as a person. Each part he becomes a little more human, until in the end he takes off his mask and dies as a good man.

    He is confirmed to be the Chosen One in the canon Star Wars: The Clone Wars show. (http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Mission_to_Mortis/Canon)

    No, Harry Potter is the Chosen One, duh.

    @JanusBahsJacquet - I thought Sing (Kung Fu Hustle) was the Chosen One.

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    It's Anakin.

    Luke was a very powerful Jedi, that's why he was "a new hope" for Ben and Yoda. He had the Force potential to become what his father was supposed to become, the Force potential of the Chosen One (ref).

    Meanwhile, It's Anakin who fulfilled the Prophecy by (temporarily) killing the Emperor and brought balance to the Force.

    Finally :

    George Lucas himself has stated that Anakin is the Chosen One and that the prophecy is true, although Luke indirectly served as the catalyst that allowed Anakin to fulfill the prophecy.
    - Star Wars wiki, "Chosen One" article, "Behind the scenes" section

    You may want to see the 3-episode arc that started with this episode of *The Clone Wars*. It expands on the 'Chosen One' mythos.

    @DavRob60: what do you mean, "*temporarily* killed the Emperor"?

    @Wikis: He got better. It was called 'Dark Forces' and it was primarily represented in the Dark Horse comics.

    @Wikis I added a link on that `temporarily` braced allusion.

    @Jeff 'He got better' Monty Python reference? :)

    @john: Of course. I never miss a chance to use a good python reference.

    Anakin was also the one who was actually born of the force and resulting from immaculate conception (like Jesus and Neo).

    @Lèsemajesté It's a little off-topic, but immaculate conception is not virgin birth. Go revise your Catechism. Also chek who is Anakin Skywalkers father

    @DavRob60: Meh, I'm not Catholic; I don't bother with silly catechisms. I use the term as the mass media uses it; I think most people get the point. And the question you link to supports the statement that Anakin came from a virgin birth.

    @Lèsemajesté I did not say you where wrong, I just point out that you where using the wrong concept. If you want to use a theological concept, wheresoever it came from, just use the right one, a misuse is a misuse. The question I linked was actualy to reinforce your argument.

    @Jeff I think you mean Dark Empire series I and II and there was also a closing series of 2 books called Dark Empire: Empire's End. Excellent series at the time, but I wonder if newer fans of all Clone Wars series and spin-offs might find them a bit ho-hum.

    I also recall that Force prophecies are vague at best. I cannot recall from where, but I read that there was one such prophecy where someone was supposed to be the hero of a great battle, and the prophecy was "fulfilled" because this hero was somehow ejected out of his starship, died, and the now floating starship crashed into an enemy fleet. Had he not been ejected out of his starship, he would have avoided the fleet, thus NOT causing it's destruction.

    @Lèsemajesté ok I have to ask. What do you mean Neo? Does Matrix really say he had no dad?

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