Is there an official Marvel Cinematic Universe viewing order?

  • I'm planning on re-watching the currently-released 5 Marvel films prior to seeing The Avengers. Have Marvel released any sort of official viewing order? Captain America: The First Avenger seems like the hardest one for me to place in order with the rest. It takes place prior to the other films, but has the greatest number of references to the other films. So should it be watched first, or last? The rest of them are relatively clear, as they're chronological in the order they're released, with the possible exception of The Incredible Hulk and Iron Man 2 happening at the same time.

    “Captain America... takes place prior to the other films” — much of it does, but in flashback — it starts and ends in the “present day”, i.e. after the events of *Thor*.

    Also remember the days when an MCU re-watch comprised 5 films? Good times. (Ish. I mean, one of them was *The Incredible Hulk*.)

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    I would say order of release. Or in-universe chronologically.

    You'd get the same story and it would just be your preference if you liked it better in a different order.

    Personally I would go the order of release.

    Agreed. The only real purpose to watching them in release order is for the end credits (and perhaps the Iron Man reference in Thor). Other than that, there's little reason storyline-wise.

    Captain America was also hinted at in both Iron Man movies, the second much more easily spotted than the first.

    Ah, so it's basically the same reference in both movies.

    Well, you can't exactly watch Iron Man 3 without having seen The Avengers, and by proxy, Thor and Captain America.

    @MyCodeSucks The question was about the movies *before* The Avengers.

    It's a little frustrating that the accepted answer is the least useful answer on the page and the OP has since closed their account :-/

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