Who actually sent the assassin to kill Bran?

  • I've read all of the books, but most of them years ago. But I can't remember who it was who actually sent the assassin.

    Is it made clear, for example an actual confession?

    Is there any proof it wasn't little finger; I'm reading the books now and it seams like Little finger is the main player moving all the others? That dagger led to the death of Robert, Eddard, the long war that weakened the Lanisters, crushed the Starks (who if obviously hates bc of kat, brandon etc) and sets him up as lord of harrenhall. I only finished the first two books, have third on hold from the library so I we curious if over the next three books any of my theory is revealed to be true or false. Also I guess I'm not the only person that put two and two together to become positive Eddard

    I would wait until you've read the rest of the books, or at least book 3 (which has more information on the plot to kill Bran).

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    There was no outright confession. Needless to say, spoilers ahead:

    Tyrion concluded after his own investigations that it was his nephew Joffrey who did it. Joffrey overheard his father (King Robert Baratheon) saying that putting Bran out of his misery would be the merciful and brave thing to do. Wanting to impress Robert, Joffrey stole the dragon bone hilt dagger, hired an assassin and gave him the dagger with orders to kill Bran.

    Later, during a celebration (Joffrey's wedding I think), Tyrion strongly hinted to Joffrey that he knew all about his role in the assassination attempt. Joffrey's demeanor changed, which confirmed it in Tyrion's mind. But of course he never confessed.

    The information that Joffrey overheard Robert saying things comes from the conversation between Cersei and Jaime in AFFC. The one where Cersei says `Who do you suppose did it? Myrcella?` and Jaime replies `Not Myrcella. Joffrey.`

    Can you add a quote or two from the books to this? How and where Tyrion comes to that conclusion, and what he says to Joff at the wedding

    Wasn't this Bealish?

    @Elias - In the TV show it was strongly hinted that it was indeed Littlefinger who ordered the failed assassination. But we don't know yet if this is true in the books as well.

    I hadn't noticed this was actually about the book. My mistake

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