What happened to Ashoka Tano after she left the Jedi Order?

  • In the last episode of the Clone Wars cartoon series, Ashoka Tano was accused by the Jedi Council and put out of the Order, but after some diligent research, Anakin found out who was the real culprit, so Ashoka's name was cleared.

    The Jedi Order asked her to return, but she declined their offer.

    So, uh, what happened to her after that? Wookieepedia does not say.


    I asked this question before Rebels even came out, back when there was really no information to be had save for some hearsay. There is so much information now about Asokha that there's no reason to ask a question like this any more.

    So, when you read this, please keep in mind that the question is dated.

    And there you have your answer... An author may take up Ashoka and write about her after the events of the cartoon. As of now it is not known!

    It is not canon

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    7 years ago

    The plot was just to make the TV series compatible with the movies. What happened to Ashoka Tano after the TV plot has never been mentioned in the canon.

    As next season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars has been cancelled by Disney (after it purchased LucasFilm), all chances of getting to know about ultimate fate have gone to void. "What happened to Darth Maul?" is troubling me more than this..

    The later released Unfinished season 6 (The Lost Missions) of Star Wars: The Clone Wars showed nothing about Ahsoka, but we now know what happened to her, thanks to Star Wars: Rebels TV series:

    S01E13 of Star Wars: Rebels revealed that Ahsoka survived Order 66 and she was a member of Rebel Alliance.

    Just finished watching Season 6 and unfortunately Ahsoka Tano did not return in this season.

    @TolandH: More precisely, she did, but only for a moment, and only in a vision.

    The problem is Maul is still unknown to us considering the Books out their. My guess is Maul knows when to play, and when just leave the son and grandsons of Anakin Skywalker alone! Sith love glory and all, but getting your ass handed to you a third time doesn't seem worth it.

    Thanks to the finale of Rebels, we can now say that Ahsoka survives the entire war and then runs off with Sabine to look for Esra. Sure to be continued in a comic or webseries, if not another animated show.

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