What does House Greyjoy's motto, "We Do Not Sow", mean?

  • What does the motto of House Greyjoy, "We Do Not Sow", in the TV series Game of Thrones mean? It seems to be missing a noun, to me. Is it something like, we do not sow discord? Or we do not sow, we reap the whirlwind?

    The Greyjoys (and all Ironmen) ONLY reap.

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    9 years ago

    Like many of the house mottoes in the series it can carry multiple meanings. One more literal meaning could refer to the fact that the Iron Islands, the area ruled by House Greyjoy, are sparse and rocky, and the thin soil makes it hard to plow and grow any crops. Another literal interpretation could refer to the fact that the majority of the ironborn are seafarers and survive by raiding and pillaging. They "do not sow" - they only reap.

    I think the last bit is the correct interpretation, given the emphasis on "paying the iron price" and whatnot.

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