Where can I quickly check if a given X-Files episode is a MOTW or arc episode?

  • Re-watching X-Files, and I want to skip monster-of-the-week episodes if they don’t advance the story arc. I can't remember which site used to list this information, and Wikipedia isn’t super reliable in this aspect either. Any suggestions?

    Edit: IMO, the absolute best and most complete list of mytharc episodes can be culled from InsideTheX.co.uk (they’re the ones whose titles are followed by asterisks).

    I've made a list on my computer. You can pop over to my desk if you want to have a look. (I guess depending on where you live, that might not be quick enough.)

    How funny. I want the inverse list. I hate the arc.

    Crazy – this might be my most-viewed Stack Exchange network question ever

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    I think this list should give you all the episodes. They released a four volume collection a few years back of Mythology-only episodes, so this can be considered a definitive list.

    There is also a reference book that has a listing of the mythology episodes. The DVD's and the book differ on a few episodes, I believe it is mainly episodes that are Monster of the Week but have a Mythology-arc character show up somewhere in the episode.

    The list:

    Season 1
    Deep Throat
    Fallen Angel
    The Erlenmeyer Flask

    Season 2
    Little Green Men
    Duane Barry
    One Breath (DVD only)
    Red Museum
    End Game

    Season 3
    The Blessing Way
    Paper Clip
    Piper Maru
    Talitha Cumi

    Season 4
    Memento Mori
    Tempus Fugit
    Zero Sum
    Demons (book only)

    Season 5
    Redux II
    Christmas Carol (book only)
    Emily (book only)
    Patient X
    The Red and the Black
    The End

    Season 6
    The Beginning
    S.R. 819
    Two Fathers
    One Son

    Season 7
    The Sixth Extinction
    The Sixth Extinction II: Amor Fati
    Sein Und Zeit
    Closure (DVD only)
    En Ami
    Requiem (DVD only)

    Season 8
    Per Manum
    The Gift (book only)
    This Is Not Happening
    Three Words

    Season 9
    Nothing Important Happened Today
    Nothing Important Happened Today II
    Trust No 1
    Providence (DVD only)
    Jump the Shark (book only)
    The Truth

    I tried to figure this out from Wikipedia a while back (for no apparent reason). My list matched this, except for some reason I also included: **Season 2**: The Host, Sleepless; **Season 4**: Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man; **Season 5:** Unusual Suspects; **Season 6:** Dreamland I & II; **Season 8:** Empedocles.

    I could see "Sleepless" (since I think there was some important early Alex Krycek stuff in there) and "Musings..." (some mythology bits seen in flashback). Can't think of anything super-important in the others you listed, though. I might add "Wetwired" from the 3rd season (we learn some details about Mr. X's role in the conspiracy).

    I think you really have to include "Eve" from Season 1. They get into human cloning and Deep Throat is in it.

    Leonard Betts from season 4 is also a possible inclusion. While it is a MOTW episode, it's also the one that reveals Scully's cancer.

    this list is a little out of order - here is an ordered list on reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/XFiles/comments/33zhcr/the_essential_xfiles_episode_list/

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