Why was Thor's quinjet password 'Point Break'?

  • When Thor tries to activate the quinjet in Thor Ragnarok, he tries using a few different passwords for the voice activation system. "Thor", "Son of Odin", and "Strongest Avenger".

    The actual quinjet password ends up being "Point Break". Thor then vents his frustration with Tony Stark, as if it were a personal insult.

    Why was Thor's quinjet password "Point Break"? Is it a reference to something?

  • Valorum

    Valorum Correct answer

    3 years ago

    This is a back-reference to the first Avengers film.

    TONY (CONT'D): (TO THOR) No hard feelings, Point Break. You've got a mean swing. (referring to the Iridium) Also, it means the portal can open as wide, and stay open as long, as Loki wants.

    The idea being that Thor looks like Patrick Swayze's character Bodhi in the film of the same name.

    Thor vs Bodhi

    Note that in the original Marvel series, Thor would often be nicknamed by his partners, including Iron Man, as "Goldilocks".

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