Is there a official release date for the Last Airbender 2

  • I have found many websites, (like about there being a sequel to the fantasy film Last Airbender, but I can't find any release date. Can someone help? I'm not sure if any of these sites are solid sources.

    Speculation regarding future works is off-topic here.

    I'm not sure what you mean by off-topic but what i'm trying to say is everyone is saying there's a sequel but i'm finding no real evidence of it, so i'm confused about if it's true or if people are just saying stuff.

    I'm not sure why these links aren't working.

    This might work better if you rephrased it to ask "is there an official release date for Last Airbender 2"? That seems to be what you're actually asking for, and unlike the question "is the Last Airbender 2 in the works," asking for a stated release date is not speculation (although the answer might very well be "no")

    I'm assuming you've *watched* the first one - and you *still* want a second one from the same director/team?

    @phantom42 - I assume they're planning an overseas holiday and want to make sure it's not playing on the plane

    @KatyPerry: for future reference: if there’s no evidence of something, then it’s not true.

    let's hope not :{

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  • Wikipedia is usually a pretty good first place to check.

    It currently says that M. Night Shyamalan’s last word on the subject was in a 2015 interview with UK newspaper The Metro, where he said an Airbender sequel wouldn’t be his next project (after 2015’s The Visit).

    He’s since made Split, and has committed to making a sequel to it, Glass, scheduled for release in January 2019. So if an Airbender sequel depends on him (which, surprisingly, it might do?), presumably it’ll be a while away yet.

    Googling for "announced" and "release date" along with "Last Airbender 2" does indeed throw up a few articles that seem to assert that a sequel has been “confirmed”, but none of them feature any quotes from Shyamalan, or anyone at Paramount, confirming a sequel; nor do they link to any articles that do.

    I’d rather not link to them, as it seems like they’re intentionally writing misleading headlines and crappy articles in an attempt to attract traffic from enthusiastic fans like yourself. But I’d suggest you ignore, and in future, and stick to publications that report actual things that happen.

    I’m not very up on movie news, but I think Variety and Slashfilm are pretty reliable papers of record. If they haven’t reported a major studio movie announcement, it hasn’t happened.

    The site you linked to,, does have a really good summary of statements made regarding a sequel — none of which are commitments to actually making one.

    The film received a critical bashing but made over $350m against a $120m budget, well within the financial range that would usually merit a sequel.

    @Valorum: yeah, although I do wonder if studios expect more these days. *Amazing Spider-Man 2* did $709m on a $200m budget, but Sony still went running to Marvel for Spidey help.

    @PaulDWaite - That budget included more than $100m of marketing though, which should have all but guaranteed a $1bn+ take at the Box Office. Imagine waking up Monday morning and finding that you're $300m short of where you told your boss you'd be.

    @Valorum: Oh really? I didn’t realise Hollywood accounting included that stuff. They did seem to put up a lot of posters for Amazing 2. And it took less than its predecessor.

    @PauldWaite - A lot of it's guesswork since the studios buy airtime and poster sites well in advance (often 3-5 years ahead in the case of billboards) of the movies actually being made but Spiderman 2 had vast amounts of publicity, maybe even as much as Rogue One

    yes the making budget was $120m but $130m was spent on promoting the film which means it only made 100m profit well below what was expected.

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