What are these events from Widow's past?

  • In the film The Avengers, Black Widow and Loki have a discussion. During it, Loki refers to some of the red on Black Widow's ledger (i.e. things she regrets or owes people for). The items he mentions are:

    • Sao Paulo
    • The hospital fire
    • Dreykov's daughter

    What are these referring to? Is this a reference to events from her comic book counterpart's history?

    From the movie I took these to be life debts that she owed Clint Barson (Hawkeye) for times he saved her life.

    They refer to the Hawkeye/Black Widow prequel.

    @Richard That question doesn't answer this one. This is asking about the events themselves and if they are pre-existing in comic form (as the movie(s) don't explain them).

    @MeatTrademark - I respectfully disagree. Both questions simply want to know what Loki was referring to. If the answer turns up in a future MCU property, they'll both end up with utterly identical answers.

    @Richard - I take your point, but this one seems to be asking more about the comics. If they happened in the comic canon, not the MCU; ie: If there is ANY precedence for the events.

  • Those events have not happened in the comics, as far as I know, (been reading the Avengers for nearly 30 years) but are likely to be part of whatever movie magic the Marvel Cinema Universe concocts in the future for both Hawkeye and the Black Widow.

    Loki is a being whose powers are far beyond mortal humans. He is a sorcerer and a trickster. He likely used some sort of divination magic and/or mind-control magic (on Hawkeye) to get information about the Avengers and the Black Widow.

    enter image description here

    He learned about events they were both engaged in that would have her in debt (in the red) to him and saved them for just the right moment when he thought he could secretly crush her emotionally and convince her to liberate him.

    Loki, playing the deck from the middle, had already planted the seeds of discord among the Avengers from the very first time he met them (Thor's appearance disrupted his plans but not by much, Thor being very obtuse in the thinking department).

    He assumed that the Black Widow's emotional appearance meant he was successful in his emotional attack but he did not count on the Widow's "interrogation" technique that put her in a submissive role in order to gather information from her enemies.

    enter image description here

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