How can Charles Xavier be alive in the movie Logan?

  • The trailer for Logan shows Charles Xavier to be still alive, even though enough time has passed for Wolverine to look much older than we’ve seen him in previous films.

    This is very difficult to explain using either the timeline of X-Men: The Last Stand or X-Men: Days of Future Past.

    In The Last Stand, Wolverine has pretty high healing factor while Charles Xavier is pretty old. Even if Wolverine's healing factor weans away gradually, I think it would make him live for at least 100 years more than other mutants. The same can be said of other timelines.

    Can anyone please explain this?

    Update: Regarding the similar question mentioned (How can Professor Xavier be alive?), this is not related to the events of X-Men 3 which caused the death of Xavier or the alternate timeline event(s) in X-Men: Days of Future Past which may or may not kill Xavier.

    This is related to the pretty slow ageing of Professor Xavier as compared to Wolverine from a fixed year of observation.

    @Skooba - Not a dupe, but certainly related. This Q is about his age, regardless of how he got there.

    @Valorum might a bit for detail/clarity then. Is the real question "How can Prof. X be this old?", which your answer then fits nicely.... he is old, but not beyond a normal human age.

    @Skooba yes, you are right. I will clarify this in the question

    @Skooba - The OP has made an assumption in the question. The problem is that removing the assumption effectively answers the question :-)

    I'm more interested in knowing why Logan appears to age at all - wan't he like 150 years old (at minimum, given he was shown as a soldier in the civil war) by the time he shows up in any movie, and basically understood to be immortal? Why would a mere 20 years have him age so much? The _Old Man Logan_ comics I also find confusing for the same reason.

    @BenCollins In the wolverine he had his mutant power reduced as it was stolen by the japanese guy, this allowed him to age

    Wait for the movie to come out, then _watch it_. And you shall have your answer.

    @BenCollins In Old Man Logan he suffered a traumatic event that would age anyone. That didn't seem unreasonable to me.

    I'm voting to close as our Future Works Policy

    Because Fox are rubbish at planning out a cinematic universe ... they ROYALLY screwed with any coherent monotonic nature to the plots ...

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    The film was, apparently set in the year 2029, according to the film's director.

    "It's year 2029 when the movie takes place," Logan director James Mangold told in an exclusive interview.

    Wolverine 3: When Logan Takes Place Revealed

    According to an exclusive interview with TheWrap, we learn that Professor X is simply old in the film.

    Given that he was born in 1932 and knowing that 'Logan' is set in the year 2029, it would appear that he's just a man in his late 90s, well within the normal scope of human longevity. No specific mention is made of him being unnaturally long-lived.

    Professor X (Patrick Stewart) is old and not well. His powers are unstable and at times he doesn’t even remember Logan.

    i guess u r right. It seems the movie makers have made Logan age abnormally fast given his healing factor when compared against a normal human (aslo considering someone who is physically disabled and can't benefit from physical excercise, not generalising it though)

    @G.One - I think their goal was to set it far enough forward that it's believable that all the mutants have just disappeared, but not so far ahead that everyone should be dead.

    @Valorum Wasn't the bad future in *Days of Future Past* sometime in the 2020's?

    @JasonBaker - Your logic has no place here. Please stop asking sensible questions.

    @phantom42 - Cheers for the assist. See edit.

    in the latest trailer, Xavier says he is "*expletive* 90"

    Xavier was watching a movie which he said was 100 years old, and he was the same age as X-23 when it came out. Since X-23 is 11 in the movie, this puts him at at least 111 years old.

    “the movie makers have made Logan age abnormally fast given his healing factor when compared against a normal human” — compared to how you’ve imagined his entirely fictional healing factor would affect his ageing process, yes, they’ve made him age abnormally fast.

    @Parrotmaster Xavier is an unreliable source in this film

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