What did Ramsay do to Sansa Stark?

  • In Season 6 of the television show (Game of Thrones), Sansa discusses her experiences with Ramsay Bolton with another character, but is reluctant to talk about what exactly happened. She merely confirms the other character's guess that

    Ramsay "cut" her.

    The show never explains in any more detail, but given Ramsay's behavior, it sounds as if they are implying

    Ramsay mutilated Sansa's breasts or genitals

    Have I missed a line confirming or ruling out my suspicion? I know the books and series don't line up perfectly, but do the books make it clearer?

    I think it's more likely referring to her being cut with a knife in *general* - Ramsay loved his knife. Not that I doubt he may also have cut her "chest" and "other places" - I just doubt he'd do anything as deliberate and permanent to her... at least not before she'd had a couple of children and he'd tired of her. I think it's "cut" more as in "made cuts", than as in "cut *off*".

    Spoiler tags in the question are fine but please avoid generic titles that include phrases like "this character" . Ramsay's name in the title is not giving anything away other than he "did something" to Sansa, which isn't much of a spoiler -- it's well known Sansa spends time in Winterfell in Season 6.

    My personal guideline is that details of most recent season/book, or in cases where one may provide narrative content that has not even been released in the other, spoilerize. I think that's a good guideline. If anyone is interested in continuing the spoiler tag debate, might I suggest taking it to meta?

    Don't think they are implying the more personal mutilation you speak of. Ramsey wanted heirs. But that's just an opinion.

    Women who undergo genital mutilation can usually still reproduce. Of course, no surgery is risk free (including any cut, though deaths from infection seem impossibly rare in the World of Fire and Ice), but there are real life cultures in which men expecting heirs demand genitally-mutilated wives.

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    4 years ago

    As you say, the books do not perfectly align with the show. This is one case where the two are vastly different.

    In the books, Ramsay is not married to Sansa, but Jeyne Poole. The Boltons are claiming that Jeyne is actually Arya. This makes the claim on Winterfell all the more fragile.

    To make matters more difficult our "eyes inside" for the North is Theon Greyjoy for the book series. Theon is privy to even less of what actually happens to Ramsay's wife.

    Theon does help Jeyne escape in the same manner that he helps Sansa in the show. However, that is that POV we see from them.

    In conclusion, We Don't Know (TM).

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