How could Aragorn be 88 years old while he looks relatively young?

  • In the extended version of The Two Towers, Aragorn says to Eowyn that he is 88 years old. He said it was due to his royal lineage or something like that.

    I did not remember that fact from the books, but it's been a while since I last read them. Anyway, how is it that being the heir of Isildur grants him such a long life?

    One tiny bit of trivia: at that point in the books, he's actually **88** years old. His birthday was the day that they met Gandalf the White in Fangorn forest.

    How do you know his birthday?

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    Aragorn is a Dúnadan.

    This is mentioned in the above link:

    Direct descendants of the Dúnedain are known to live longer than normal Men. A good example is Aragorn who, in the movies, tells Éowyn he is 87 years old, although he appears to be relatively young. (It is said that Dunedain live three times longer than normal Men; that would translate into 240 to 250 years of average lifespan, given normal human lifespan of 80 years. It is possible with the blood of the Dúnedain renewed by Aragorn and Arwen's marriage that some generations thereafter would experience lifetimes similar to that of the generations following Elros-between 400 and 500 years of life).

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