What is the Evenstar necklace?

  • In Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings, Arwen gives a jewel to Aragorn: the Evenstar necklace:

    Evenstar necklace

    Where did this jewel come from? Does it have any special powers or meaning?

    I seem to recall Glorfindel leaving some sort of (green?) gem somewhere, as a sign, which someone finds, I seem to recall it was Aragorn. Since Arwen "replaced" Glorfindel in the movie, perhaps it is some vague reference?

    @TLP. Glorfindel left a beryl on a bridge, as a token of safety.

  • Justin C

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    9 years ago

    I don't think there is any special meaning to the necklace. It was invented for the movie and is never mentioned in the book. Arwen does give a necklace to Frodo after the war is over, but it is not referred to as "the Evenstar necklace" or anything else close.

    I think the necklace accomplished the dual purpose of a set piece that helps to tell a story while also being a marketable piece of jewelry.

    So, it have the power to bring wealth to the licensor.

    just googling the necklace's name gives 80% shopping results.

    @JustinC - Try googling Gandalf's staff :)

    @DVK make sure you do so with google safesearch ***on***

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