What is the meaning of the ending of Another Earth?

  • At the very end of the movie Another Earth (2011), Rhoda

    sees that her "other" self (from Earth Two) is there at her house on Earth One.

    What is the meaning of this? Did John

    send the "other" Rhoda back so that our Rhoda could see what she would have become if she hadn't gotten in the accident, and had gone to MIT? Did John send the other Rhoda back to torture our Rhoda?

    I don't understand the meaning of the end at all.

    Kind of feel like the screenwriter actually intended it to be unknown, and while they may have favored a particular story, the idea that there could be multiple endings is pretty much the theme of the entire movie. It makes you want to rush to the internet to find the "True" answer, when the truth is... There may be many.

  • Correct answer

    9 years ago

    I don't think that John sent the other Rhoda back to meet 'our' Rhoda. The two Earths' histories diverged when they both observed the other Earth. At the moment of divergence, 'our' Rhoda was distracted by the other Earth and got into the crash. If this hadn't happened, she would have gone off to MIT to study the stars, just as communications with the other Earth were opening up and the expeditions from each Earth were being planned.

    Rhoda was going to go to MIT, and she had a passion for astronomy. Had she not been in the accident, she would have been a natural candidate for heading to the other Earth. I've always assumed this is what occurred, and that we are seeing the alternate, successful Rhoda at the end of the film. This fits in with the movie's theme of the other Earth representing duplicate alternates of all of us who lived slightly different lives for the past few years.

    Another option is that it's entirely plausible that on both Earths the Rhodas submitted winning essays to attempt to be on the trip to the other Earth. Only due to the tragedy that she caused did 'our' Rhoda stay on her Earth.

    To add a little credit to your theory... they were really clear about "You can see this new planet if you look to the East", I feel like if the 2nd earth was in a different part of the sky, Rhonda would have been looking a different way, or been unable to see it from where she was, and therefore would have either swerved different, or not hit them at all. But I got the feeling that part was important.

    Actually, they said "east of the north star" which has some symbolic meaning in and of itself, but your interpretation could still be correct either way.

    Rhoda won the competition because of the fact that she is an ex-con who has served time as a juvenile. This event is a big thing, a prospect MIT student who is a janitor instead. The pain of the event and the consequence of having nothing to lose makes her win it. On earth-2 she would be yet another smart student like 1000s. That would make it very difficult to win it on Earth-2.

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