How old are Kylo Ren and Rey?

  • The actor for Kylo is in his early thirties, so I assumed his character is as well (which would also fit with the age of his parents), but I keep seeing people refer to him as a moody teenager (which may not be referring to age, but rather his manner). As for Rey, I assumed she was late teens/early twenties, but this is only backed up by how she behaves and her personality, not necessarily any facts.

    Honestly I just want him to be old enough to support my theory that he

    murdered younglings in front of a youngling Rey Skywalker!!!

    It's highly unlikely that either of them are over 30; TFA is supposedly set ~30 years after RotJ.

  • Rey:

    TFA Visual Dictionary says "19-year-old Rey"

    Kylo Ren:

    There is no canon answer as of right now.

    However, Pablo Hidalgo answered Kylo Ren's age on Twitter:

    Kylo Ren's BFF ‏@jimwade Dec 19

    Hey @pablohidalgo do we have any idea what Kylo's age is in TFA? Around 30?

    Pablo Hidalgo @pablohidalgo @jimwade around there. 29-30.

    Please be aware that Hidalgo's Twitter account explicitly says "Don't cite tweets as canon" - which Wookieepedia promptly ignored :)

    I just realized, does this mean there's a nonzero chance that Kylo's father is actually Wicket?

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