Why is Azula's fire blue?

  • Azula's fire is blue unlike other powerful firebenders who have orange fire. For instance, her uncle Iroh or Fire Lord Sozin, even while under the influence of Sozin's Comet, have orange fire.

    From Wikipedia article about Azula :

    One unique feature of Azula's firebending is that she creates blue flames, setting her apart from all other firebenders.

    But why is her fire blue?

    enter image description here

    Was it fire or lightning? She always seemed to use lightning IIRC.

    @Xantec I added an image just to show you.

    Also it’s just a tie-in to the character. “Azul” or similar means “blue” in Spanish and many related languages.

    Might want to check this out: http://youtu.be/a7_8Gc_Llr8

    She uses the dark side of the Force for her lightning.

  • The blue part of a flame is widely believed to be the hottest part of the flame.

    The regions are also separated by color, the blue region (the innermost part of the flame) being the hottest.

    In reality, there are many factors that go into a flame's color, but the color of Azula's firebending is meant to show that it is hotter than the average firebender.

    This is essentially the explanation I picked up from the series.

    Note, it doesn't have to have the most heat, to have the highest temperature.

    Fire Lord Ozai never used blue fire; presumably he should be more powerful than (or at least on-par with) Azula.

    @NickT - Temperature doesn't have to mean power. Azula has a lot of rage.

    @OrigamiRobot Adding to your answer - from a physics perspective - the color of normal flame is yellow since it does not have enough energy to burn the soot from already burnt particles. It turns to blue if the substance being burnt has energy enough to ionize the soot. So the blue flames for Azula indicate her energy level to ionize rather than burn.

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