What order should the Babylon 5 movies and series be watched in?

  • Can someone tell me what order should the Babylon 5 movies be watched, so as to get the best out of them as a whole while watching the series?

    I know that release date isn't the best way to do this as they sometimes have to release movies earlier than they'd like to fit in with channel scheduling etc.

    Like mentioned below, it is not enough just to put the movies in the right place, some episodes really should be moved around for the optimum experience.

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    Suggested chronological viewing order of Babylon 5 From the episode list at The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5

    That list provides the chronological order of the storyline for the episodes as well as the movies, as indicated by JMS. (Some episodes vary slightly with the release dates and the chronological ordering intended)

    "If you want to watch everything chronologically" is there another suggested way of watching them (besides release date)? or is chronologically the way to go?

    I would submit that watching _In the Beginning_ before the series acts as a bit of a spoiler. The way the series was written, they give you bits and pieces of background story slowly. There's something to be said for leaving a bit of mystery while watching the start of the series. Watching _In the Beginning_ after season 4 fills in the backstories without spoiling major plot points.

    @NorbyTheGeek I agree watching In the Beginning may be best after season 4

    @AidanO Norby made a good point, that In the Beginning is probably best saved for after season 4, other than that though the episodes/movies are written as a progressive story line, so watching in chronological order seems to preserve the feel the best.

    @NorbyTheGeek. Good stuff, if you want to adjust your answer to reflect the "In the beginning" comments, I'll accept it.

    @AidanO Changed to reflect the comments

    @NominSim - Have taken the liberty of turning your answer into a diagram, as I have with a few other answers like this. Please revert if need be, or ask me for any changes and I'll ba happy to make them (or you can copy the Google document and play with it yourself). The original document is here.

    @neilfein Nicely done :)

    @neilfein Thanks, looks good to me. :)

    Great chart! You need to add the novels as well as they wrap up some of the story lines very well (eg. Londo, techno-mages).

    @SimonO'Doherty - This question is about the TV episodes and films, but point me at a question about the novels and I'll happily diagram the answer.

    NO WAY. "In the Beginning" must be watched (right) after S5, not a bit earlier.

    Would be nice to include the crusade episodes chronological order from http://scifi.stackexchange.com/a/31601/9104

    Personally, I never got the confusion with "In The Beginning". It is set far in the future, and therefore needs to be watched near the end, I don't care that it contains lots of backstory that pre-dates B5, it is set long after.

    An answer by @scott-taylor below suggests to order the ending thusly: 1. s05e19 2. Legend of the Rangers 3. s05e20 4. River of Souls 5. s05e21 6. s05e22 Aside from complicating the diagram :) does anyone have thoughts on that ordering?

    -1: where does it say this is the order indicated by JMS? It only says that he gave s1 and s2 orders his blessing. In my opinion, and other commenters above concur, you shouldn't watch "In The Beginning" at the beginning. This would spoil a lot of stuff.

    I finished watching The Legend of the Rangers last night. I was getting ready to watch Sleeping In Light (the rest of season 5), when I noticed on the Wikipedia page for Legend of the Rangers that Sleeping in Light occurs in 2281, after *everything else*. Why should we watch Sleeping in Light before A Call to Arms or Crusade?

    Yeah, @DCShannon I'm pretty sure "A Call to Arms" and "Legend on the Rangers" are mixed up in this graphic.

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