How rare are magic items and how many should I be handing out?

  • What is the baseline distribution of magical treasure and at what level should a given character expect to have received or have a potential of getting a specific rarity of item?

    Example: Rare lvl 10+

    Also Does this take into account general non-combat magic items?

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    There is this table (DMG p.135):

    \begin{array}{lll} \rlap{\textbf{MAGIC ITEM RARITY}} \\ \textbf{Rarity} & \textbf{Character Level} & \textbf{Value} \\ \hline \text{Common} & \text{1st or higher} & \text{50-100 gp} \\ \text{Uncommon} & \text{1st or higher} & \text{101-500 gp} \\ \text{Rare} & \text{5th or higher} & \text{501-5,000 gp} \\ \text{Very rare} & \text{11th or higher} & \text{5,001-50,000 gp} \\ \text{Legendary} & \text{17th or higher} & \text{50,001+ gp} \\ \end{array}

    In addition, there is the table on Starting Equipment on p. 38. which suggests a 10th level character should have no magic items in a Low and Standard Campaign and one uncommon item in a High Magic Campaign. Rare items kick in at levels 17 & 11 for a Standard and High Magic Campaign respectively; never for a Low Magic Campaign.

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