How can a character create a Spell Scroll?

  • How can a character create a Spell Scroll?

    I've read through the DMG, and the section "Creating a Magic Item" on p.284 is about creating the design of a magic item "type", rather than create an actual magic item

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    Purple Monkey's answer is obsolete as Xanathar's Guide to Everything adds rules for creating spell scrolls. They can be found on page 133, but I'll highlight the basics here.

    A character must have proficiency with the Arcana skill as well as the spell prepared/known and must have the material components required to cast the spell.

    The cost to scribe a spell scroll is in gold required and time taken. See chart below, all Cantrips scribed are cast as if the caster were 1st level. \begin{array}{lll} \text{Level} & \text{Time Cost} & \text{Gold Cost} \\ \hline \text{Cantrip} & 1 \text{ day} & 15 \text{ gp} \\ 1^\text{st} & 1 \text{ day} & 25 \text{ gp} \\ 2^\text{nd} & 3 \text{ days} & 250 \text{ gp} \\ 3^\text{rd} & 1 \text{ week} & 500 \text{ gp} \\ 4^\text{th} & 2 \text{ weeks} & 2,500 \text{ gp} \\ 5^\text{th} & 4 \text{ weeks} & 5,000 \text{ gp} \\ 6^\text{th} & 8 \text{ weeks} & 15,000 \text{ gp} \\ 7^\text{th} & 16 \text{ weeks} & 25,000 \text{ gp} \\ 8^\text{th} & 32 \text{ weeks} & 50,000 \text{ gp} \\ 9^\text{th} & 48 \text{ weeks} & 250,000 \text{ gp} \\ \end{array}

    I wouldn't say the other answer is *obsolete*; the XGtE rules are specifically optional, so an answer with information on what to do outside of those rules is still usable, if incomplete.

    @CTWind true though I think these rules are much more reasonable though if your DM is going to allow your character to create spell scrolls to begin with.

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