Is it possible to play D&D 5e solo?

  • Is it at all possible to run a solo game where you act as the DM/GM for yourself? I know there was a 4th edition adventure published in an old issue of one of the D&D magazines but recently I read somewhere (Reddit I think) that the games Outbreak: Undead and Eclipse phase were good games to play solo.

    Can anyone with experience with running a game of D&D 5e for themselves explain how to do so?

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    Yes, you can run a solo campaign for yourself!

    Now, that answer comes with some quick side notes. I am not sure about the reference you gave, however will offer some of my own in its place. I should note this strikes me as similar to playing as a party's NPC.

    Reasons to Solo

    1. Learn the game. I have seen a number of my friends play solo campaigns with the express purpose of learning how to play the game. The D&D 5e playtests, new campaigns, and so forth are good examples. Typically they will play though it once (using either a single character or multiple) and take it as a chance to learn the game, while following the outlined rules.
    2. Test builds. Something I enjoy personally is testing how well a build works in combat. You can do this by simply playing a game by yourself and seeing how it functions in real life situations.
    3. You can do what you want to do, always. No party vote to decide which door to take, or which direction to go. Its always nice having 100% freedom to do what you want with your character(s).
    4. Look for campaigns that are pre-made, this provides for the best story related experience (since obviously any story you come up with is rather ruined since you know it from the beginning).


    1. Role-playing really has no significant use anymore.
    2. It is sometimes time consuming to have to roll/act for everyone.
    3. If the campaign is pre-built, these problems are vastly mitigated (since situations/scenarios happen automatically). However, if you have to build it yourself, the surprise factor is gone.


    I would recommend using a pre-built campaign if you are looking for some fun time investments. Just play by the campaigns rules/settings and it should make for an excellent time. Also, random is what you probably want to do. Say you enter a dungeon, randomize everything from the number of rooms, to traps you might find, to even the monsters/items you encounter. The DMG has a lot of rules pertaining to how to randomize your campaign - I highly recommend using them (both for a solo campaign and general use).

    > "Role-playing really has no significant use anymore." I can't agree. Even playing solo you'll be able to make decisions based on your character alignment or background. Even if it is just a random fight you might be legal or cruel in combat and choose between kill an incapacitated target or allow them to live and prepare defences for other ones.

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