How do I figure the dice and bonuses for attack rolls and damage rolls?

  • I'm building my character, a Half-Elf Ranger, and I'm a little confused about how to work out the attack bonus and the damage bonus.

    So, please tell me if I've got this right:

    • I'm proficient with a longbow. That means my attack roll is 1d20 + prof bonus + Dex modifier.
    • The damage roll however is 1d8 + Dex modifier.

    I'm just a little confused about working out the numbers (without even going into spells and when to roll for attack, etc.)

  • Yes, you're understanding it correctly.

    You roll your attack roll for the bow with proficiency and Dex modifier, and damage with just Dex.

    Wait we don't count prof with damage? So if I have a -1 str as a druid my damage would be whatever - 1 :/

    Yes, @msmith1114, unless you use a finesse weapon, a ranged weapon, or *Shillelagh*.

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