What's a spell focus and how does it work?

  • What's a spell focus and how does it work? Is it anything like an implement?

    I've read somewhere you can use it instead of a Material Component when casting a spell. Does it mean I don't need the material components if I have a spell focus and that's it?

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    Each spellcasting class has a Spellcasting Focus section under Spellcasting heading which indicates what type of focus can be used by that class. For example, a Bard can use a musical instrument (PHB 53), a Cleric can use a holy symbol (PHB 58), and a Druid can use a druidic focus (PHB 66).

    Chapter 5 lists the costs of various spellcasting foci (PHB 150) under Arcane focus, Druidic focus, Holy symbol, etc. There are also a brief descriptions on the page following the list (PHB 151).

    The Material section under the Components heading of Chapter 10 (PHB 203) indicates that a spellcasting focus can be used in place of material components for a spell if there is no cost indicated in the spell description and the material components are not consumed.

    Actually, some classes do not have a section Spellcasting Focus in their class description. I guess that means these classes may not make use of a focus to substitute material components.

    @rayb, what you don't explain is: *Where a material component is needed, and a Spell Focus can be used, is the Spell Focus _consumed_ as some material components are?

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