What are the most and least-resisted damage types?

  • Inspired by these related questions, as well as my previous question on the matter, I'm curious what the most and least resisted damage types are in DnD 5e? Ideally I am looking for a list similar to the one found in this answer to the first linked question above, but in 5e instead of 3.5.

    Which damage types are the most resisted, and which are the least resisted in DnD 5e?

    For simplicity's sake, I would limit this to monsters from official WotC sources, and would classify immunity as a form of resistance (though if an answer chooses to distinguish between resistance and immunity that would be fine).

    While I initially only had magical damage types in mind (Acid, Fire, Cold, Poison, Necrotic, Radiant, Lightning, Psychic, Thunder and Force), bonus points if an answer also addresses physical damage types (Slashing, Piercing, and Bludgeoning).

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    Unsurprisingly Poison and Force, respectively

    Here is a nice summary of Monster Manual

    I shall transfer the relevant parts of the chart here in case of link rot:

    \begin{array} {|r|r|r|r|} \hline &Resistance &Immunity &Vulnerability \\ \hline Acid &18 &15 &0 \\ \hline Cold &46 &20 &4 \\ \hline Fire &37 &40 &9 \\ \hline Force &0 &1 &0 \\ \hline Lightning &35 &10 &0 \\ \hline Necrotic &11 &11 &0 \\ \hline Poison &5 &95 &0 \\ \hline Psychic &1 &10 &1 \\ \hline Radiant &4 &0 &2 \\ \hline Thunder &14 &2 &1 \\ \hline Nonmagical &60 &17 &0 \\ \hline Magic Weapons &1 &0 &0 \\ \hline Bludgeoning &8 &0 &4 \\ \hline Slashing &6 &2 &0 \\ \hline Piercing &10 &0 &0 \\ \hline Spells &1 &0 &0 \\ \hline \end{array}

    Technically the most resisted is not Poison, but Cold, however this question is mostly helpful for casters to pick up spells.
    So the damage type you should avoid most is Poison.

    Do note that the list linked ONLY includes Monster Manual sources. The answer to the question is still the same once you include Volo's and the Published Adventures, but knowing that the chart draws only from a single source is worth mentioning.

    @guildsbounty what is the source of that statment regarding supplementary material?

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