Poisoned Iced Tea

  • Two girls went to dinner together and both ordered iced tea. One girl pounded down five of them in about a minute, and the other took her time drinking one.

    The girl who drank one died, while the girl who drank five survived. However, all of the drinks that were served turned out to contain poison.

    Why did the girl that drank more iced tea survive?

    Fun variant: this time, the girl who drank one survived, while the girl who drank five died. Why?

    @Lopsy Not really; it could simply be that the poison wasn't strong enough to kill with just one iced tea.

    @Lopsy or it could be that the Antidote is in the ice.

    I was thinking of Bozman's answer. (Thanks, Dennis -- I should have reworded it so that they each drink one glass, just at different speeds)

    Funny, I just saw this exact puzzle on Reddit last night...

    The drinks were poisoned, but not enough. The girl didn't die of poisoning but was run over by a car.

    There's an episode of Monk featuring a murder that has the same answer.

    The girl who died failed her fortitude saving throw.

    Couldn't she have immunitized herself like in the Princess Bride?

    On a side note I have seen this puzzle in the episode 190 of the cartoon detective Conan. There is cyanide inside a little cap that's in the ice. Wikipedia link), and here's a link to the specific manga page.

    The girl who drank five was the poisoner, and took antidote before and after drinking?

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    ...the poison was in the ice. She drank them before the Ice melted to the point where it would kill her.

    Indeed. No iocane powder needed.

    that was clever +1

    This only works if she wasn't provided all 5 to begin. Otherwise, when she finished drink 5, the other finished drink 1. Both would have the same melted status.

    Surely the ice would have melted in her stomach and then killed her. Is there a better alternative solution?

    @Mathias Foster but she left the ice cubes in the glasses, so they never got into her stomach to begin with.

    Surely she would have consumed the same amount of molten ice-water. If anything, she should have consumed more since at the beginning the surface area of the ice is bigger and the temperature difference between the iced tea is bigger.

    @overactor: interesting point. If the ice is below freezing when it goes into the drink, then you could argue that in time T, somewhat more of the dead girl's ice will have melted compared with the living girl's ice, since the living girl got 4 "extra" chunks of however much heat it takes to raise the ice to melting point before melting it. Experiment needed! Alternatively perhaps you could take "pounded down" to mean that the living girl necked every iced tea as soon as it arrived, with gaps of T/4 or T/5 in between them, during which ice was melting harmlessly in her finished drink.

    Oh, or we could go for "the poison was near the centre of the ice cubes", so that a little bit of melting releases no poison, but drinking slowly enough to let it melt near-completely does. Doesn't work with crushed ice...

    One can be served iced tea that has no ice in the glass. We call it iced tea because it's not hot tea. It's common to have a pitcher of iced tea in the refrigerator and to serve it cold with no ice.

    @Fred: one can also be served iced tea with no poison, but that's apparently not what happened in this riddle ;-)

    @SteveJessop: True, however the puzzle states that the drinks were poisoned while it is not stated that there was ice in the glasses. I was just making the point that the puzzle does not have enough information find the answer given.

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