1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 = 1

  • This question inspired me to write the same puzzle but instead replace the "= 100" with "= 1" with similar requirements and restrictions.

    What is the expression with the fewest number of operators inserted that evaluates to 1?


    1. The numbers need to be in the order that's shown in the question.
    2. Only use the operators +,−,×,÷ and √ and ! (Implies that modulus "%", exponent "^", binomial coefficients, and other operators are not allowed).
    3. Parentheses will not be counted, so they can be used to change the order of operations.
    4. Rounding is not allowed, so it have to equal to 1.

    Verify your calculations in that calculator application that comes with your PC, if it ever did came with your PC.

    This is my first time writing a puzzle here so obviously I should have thought this out a lot more instead of adding rules when situation comes.

    If you updated this so we could use the modulo operator (%), it could be beaten in one move ^_^: 1%23456789 = 1

    @Mwr247 I didn't include it specifically for that reason :P. 1 mod n where n is not 0 or -1 equals to 1.

    What about the ceiling function? :) $\lceil1234/56789\rceil = 1$

    OP, we need a ruling: Does rounding count or should it be exactly 1? If rounding is OK, how many digits are required?

    How about $123456789 != 1$, as in not equal?

    Wow! I did not know a simple puzzle needs so many rules, lol. I will have to say that rounding is not allowed (so the ceiling function will not work either), so the answer will have to equal to 1.

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  • user23013

    user23013 Correct answer

    6 years ago

    If √ can mean nth root:


    3 operators. Obviously...

    Too bad you can't re-arrange the numbers or else it would of been 2 operators, but nice answer!

    If reverse polish notation is allowed, you can pull this off with one operator $$1\sqrt[23456789]{}$$ :-P

    Congrats! I was hoping for someone to beat you with an even smaller one :P.

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