Seeking General GIS Questions for Job interviews?

  • What are some general GIS questions that are asked in an interview process, not related to any particular software but questions that can test one's core knowledge about GIS?

    Sometimes asking questions is overrated. Anyone can regurgitate a textbook. Try this at your next interview. Put the person in front of a computer (with all the tools they need) and ask them to (for example) create a centroid layer from a polygon layer using only the ESRI modelling tools. Having them perform a simple task goes a lot further than just seeing if the person was listening in his college class.

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    To be able to answer questions asked in a GIS interview not related to any particular software you should have the ability to explain the following topics:

    1. What is GIS?
    2. What is remote sensing?
    3. A bit about Image processing.
    4. What is georeferencing?
    5. The role of GPS in GIS.
    6. What are projections?
    7. What is cartography? (Questions on map elements like scales, legends etc:)
    8. Data structures that can hold spatial data. (Raster, Vector, ...)
    9. Examples of what can be achieved by GIS? (Geocoding or Network or Spatial Analysis giving real life examples)
    10. Open Standards related to GIS. (OGC or otherwise)

    If you have a development background, questions pertaining to which development language you know are bound to rise up. It will benefit the organization hiring to have someone who can develop custom GIS solutions. These questions could be either GIS related or not depending on your previous experience. As far as development is concerned, people with no GIS background are also hired to develop GIS solutions.

    Finally, if you're the interviewer, then confirm which GIS software the interviewee is already accustomed to working with. It would help to hire someone who already knows how to tinker with the solutions that are implemented in your organization.

    If you're the interviewee, well, know that for a large part you'll be judged by what is in your CV/resume. The list of the above questions might give you an approximate direction on what you need to start looking at.

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