How do I get Power Armor training in Fallout New Vegas?

  • I've found some power armor, but I can't use it yet without training. I assumed that the Brotherhood of Steel would train me, if they like me enough.

    I've completed the Brotherhood of Steel quest series for the overseer (the original one, I did not overthrow him), but I did not get any Power Armor training. What do I have to do to be able to wear Power Armor?

  • Power Armor Training in FO:NV is available at the end of a few different quest chains in order to provide access for a variety of paths.

    From the Brotherhood: After completing Eyesight to the Blind or Still in the Dark, wait 24 hours for the lockdown to end, and the Elder will offer you PA:Training, whether McNamara, or Hardin. (Hardin may ask you to go blow up the Silver Rush before offering training.)

    Alternately, you can complete Arcade Gannon's follower quest, For Auld Lang Syne - in addition to rewarding you with the unique Tesla Power Armor, you'll receive the necessary training to use it.

    I did not went back 24 hours later, I just noticed the elder did not talk to me anymore. I'll have to check that out.

    When I went back I got another quest from the Elder and after that finally my power armor. The waiting for the end of the lockdown is critical, I totally missed that and thought the quest line is over.

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