How much time does it take for a shop to restock caps?

  • I admit that I'm used to Fallout 3, where stores restocked twice a week. In Fallout New Vegas, how long does it take for stores to restock -- particularly on caps? It feels like it's been at least a week since I woke up in Goodsprings, and the Goodsprings stores aren't restocking on the cap front. (Nor on equipment -- I'd settle for decent stuff to trade, to whittle down my inventory.)

    How long must I wait?

    Well, I can't speak to Cap respawns, but from the start of a fresh save, I saw Chet in Goodsprings refresh *his inventory* (I didn't pay attention to cap values) to new Merchandise within 36 hours.

  • The Vendors restock twice per week on Sunday and Wednesday. 72 and 96 hours respectively.

    You might also need to be outside of the area the vendor is in.

    You also must leave the area as in fast travel away

    Does this also apply to non-merchant NPCs (like caravan players)?

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