What are some good ways to earn cash?

  • Getting a large sum of money in Assassin's Creed 3 is much different then previous version of the game. Gone are they days of buying every shop in town, and now we appear to have to actually do a little bit of labor for our money. What are some of the best ways of quickly earning large sums of cash. Are there some items that are cheap/easy to craft but sell for a boatload?

    There might be a more efficient way, so I'm putting this as a comment. I found playing the pub games and betting the most I can is useful. Also, hunting for about 15 - 20 minutes, skinning, then trading everything I had will get me about 2000 - 3000 every time. This is all based on me playing though, I'm not super far.

    @leety The games thing only works if you're actually *good* at them. Not that I'm bitter at getting schooled by the computer at checkers and X Men's Morris all the time or anything.

    Get a job, you hippie!

    I hear you @AnnaLear :) I figured I'd throw it in there for a comment though. I personally would feel bad saying "play this game" for an answer. It really relies on your skill to actually make money.

  • Adam Lear

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    8 years ago

    If you're like me and completely suck at the tavern games...

    Hunting and selling pelts can be quite profitable, though a bit time-consuming. I like hunting wolves - they travel in packs and can be killed instantly with the hidden blade (unlike bears which take 3 hits) for a pelt in perfect condition. Beaver pelts are good as well. Beavers are slow and easy to track, and their pelts sell for boatloads.

    I'm only on sequence 6 so far, and I'm also making decent cash from opening chests around the world, though I suspect this source will dry up shortly. :)

    Haven't done much crafting yet since I need to gather more resources and artisans, but it doesn't seem like an efficient money-maker, since making the same item increases its cost for a while.

    Sending your assassin recruits on missions is another source of income. It's not very quick, but it's pretty hands-off and passive.

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