Where are the savegames located in x-com enemy unknown?

  • I have a lot of savegames and I'd like to clean them up. Ingame you can only delete them one by one. There is a folder "Saves" in the steamapps folder (I have the steam game) but there are no files in there. Am I looking at the wrong location?

    I am currently even facing problems. Not all savegames are offered in the menu - probably because I have so many.

  • peacedog

    peacedog Correct answer

    8 years ago

    On windows 7, they are in Documents\My Games\XCOM - Enemy Unknown\XComGame\SaveData

    Note that this applies to the steam install. According to helpful comments, it's the location is the same for the retail version (and retail purchases apparently just provide steam keys).

    I'm pretty sure XCOM is a Steamworks game, which means there's *only* a steam version - the retail version comes with a code and disc that must be activated with Steam in order to work.

    Ah, so the Saves folder in steamapps is just to confuse me :).

    @StampedeXV - yeah, more or less. ;)

    I can confirm that savegames of the retail version are saved at the same position as the digital download one.

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