Where can I buy sawn logs for all the different plots in Hearthfire?

  • You can buy land / build houses in Dawnstar, Falkrath and Morthal.

    At each house, there are sources for clay and stone, but where can you buy the sawn logs for each plot?

    I know only the source for Falkrath, which is Riverwood.

    Reload an old save?

  • Yuuki

    Yuuki Correct answer

    7 years ago

    The wood needed in the Hearthfire DLC is distinct from the wood you can obtain from any chopping block. You are looking for Sawn Logs. These can be purchased from several log merchants in the game:

    • Aeri - Anga's Mill in the Pale
    • Bolund - The wood mill in Falkreath
    • Gilfre - Mixwater Mill in Eastmarch
    • Grosta - Heartwood Mill in the Rift
    • Hert - Half-Moon Mill in Falkreath
    • Hod - Wood mill in Riverwood
    • Kharag gro-Shurkul - Solitude Sawmill in Haafingar
    • Thonnir - Wood mill in Morthal

    Some of these merchants will also allow you to chop lumber from free if you complete enough radiant quests to raise their disposition. Note that if you saw your own logs, the merchant must be nearby for you to actually receive the lumber.

    Your steward will also buy wood for you once you assign one.

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