How to kill someone in Minecraft using the console

  • In the server console I tried

    kill <playername>

    But I get

    [INFO] You must specify which player you wish to perform this action on.

    Is this even possible?

    Did you try the complete name? exp. typing Dan instead of Dan_theman.

    And... just checking, but you did put the actual player name instead of "? Have to ask.

    yes full name as used to login to Minecraft

    IIRC you need to specify the player's current ID on the server. Type list to get it.

    /list just lists player names (minecraft logins)

    Make sure you're dropping the angle brackets as well. ie, "kill Keaanu" instead of "kill "

    I'm so tempted to edit the question title to just "How to kill someone"

    @Dycker +5000 for DanTheMan...X-Ray & Vav salute you.

  • Warface

    Warface Correct answer

    8 years ago

    Is not a OP command but a player command to commit suicide so it can only apply to the one who use it. (Source)

    But... if your server is running on Bukkit, you could install Essentials plugin and the you'll be able to use the command

    /kill <playername>

    and a lot of other useful stuff that every server moderator should have. But if you are not on bukkit or any modded server then why don't you

    /tp <playername> <yourname>

    so the player will be teleported to you and then just kill him :D

    I prefer drinking a fire resist potion and going for a swim in lava before tp'ing someone to me. It really ups the fun factor.

    or just type /tphere insted of /tp :D

    /tphere is again an Essentials command, not present in vanilla Minecraft.

    Or, if you're using CommandBook, there's `/shock -k` which kills the player immediately, or `/shock` (which prolongs the death, making it a tad more fun).

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