Where are the four telescopes in Southern Shelf Bay?

  • The "I Can See Your Corpse from Here!" challenge in Southern Shelf - Bay requires actioning four telescopes. I found one on the ship, one on the fort's top level, and one in-between the bridges, but it'd be good to show all four locations in greater detail. (There's also a telescope outside Liar's Berg, but I don't think it counts.)

    Four telescopes

  • Wolf

    Wolf Correct answer

    8 years ago

    They're all near the Bay's fort.

    1. In-between the two bridges en route to the fort, facing back whence you came
    2. Atop the fort (the top level), looking over the water
    3. Around the archipelago of scrap wood in the water, close to but before the ship, looking out over the water
    4. On the ship's upper level, facing towards the fort

    enter image description here

    The spot on the map is incorrect for the 3rd one. It's on the boat to the left of it.

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